SBO NEWS … 46 days left .

Although it is similar to football tournaments every item – concentration to start from the knockout stage , but the ” World Cup ” and sbobet thai every match is important in itself.

Although some teams are overwhelmingly finalists since finishing first 2 games , but the final game was intended to be a player to a second experience waiting game as well, some teams may fall eliminated dead after losing the first 2 games sbobet however. the final game was also meaningful to them anyway – that’s the way it will be his farewell to the World Cup .

Today the remaining 46 days of the 2014 World Cup arrives.

46 game of the World Cup as the coffee is the final match of Group G and Portugal to Ghana sbobet at El Estadio Nacional de Manet Western Prince came in Brasilia June 26

No one knew until then . Both teams are in a Portugal that are finalists to be eliminated or not Ghana also sbobet or both sides still need to win the last minute. Everything is possible out

If Ghana continues to qualify to win this game. There is no doubt that they will be expected to work best center field. Expected to Football Top Form from military to mainstream – Kevin Prince Boateng , Sultan Farley Hamdan Discovery , Andre R , Jewish , sbobet Kwadwo Asamoah and specifically . the guitar Spacesh Asamoah .

After making a name caught on in the World Cup 2010 guitar vehicle was carrying from Rennes to play at Sunderland Central . A fee of up to 13 million pounds sbobet before his first season in England is not going to end ugly shot 11 goals from 33 shots .

But the Premier League is only the short life of his guitar craft agreed a move to Al Ain in the UAE by sbobet loan before signing a permanent contract at a later time . And still belong to today.

39 goals in 78 national team games are the result of motor sbobet guitar as the Nets scored the highest number of players in the Black Stars series.

Ghana had to win the final 46 games of the World Cup 2014 sbobet they would pin their hopes up that this man – guitar Spacesh Asamoah .

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