How to Maintain a Dirt Bike

Like all other motorised bikes and motorcycles, it’s imperative that you properly maintain your dirt bike throughout the year. This is the only way that you can ensure that it will continue to run smoothly and allow you to have all of the fun you can dream of while riding it.

In addition to maintaining your dirt bike with essential dirt bike parts that will keep your vehicle running and looking like new for years to come, consider reading through the following tips that will address the most common concerns that dirt bike owners face throughout the life of their vehicle.


Photo by Andrew Madden

A Wash After Every Ride is Necessary

One important and easy step that you should take in order to maintain your dirt bike is to wash it after you take it for a ride. Always be gentle, though, and use a bucket of water along with a good selection of various brushes that you can use to effectively knock off any residual mud from all areas of the bike. You may even use a pressure washer, being careful to not force the dirt into parts of the bike where it can cause damage, such as the engine and electrical areas. And you can also use an airbox cover in order to seal the carburettor and protect it.

Give the Dirt Bike a Good Inspection

After washing and drying off your dirt bike, this is the best time to check for damage anywhere, including loose spokes, bolts, nuts, and plastics. This is because nuts can become loose as a result of vibration from a ride, and they can be quite a hassle when it comes to replacing them. You can opt to use a product like Loctite to prevent loose parts altogether. And don’t forget to also check the footpegs and frame of your dirt bike for any fractures or cracks.

Keep the Air Filter Clean

A clean filter means that you’ll improve the performance of your dirt bike and prevent costly damage to your engine. A high quality air filter cleaner that you can easily spray on is a great option, but you can also clean it thoroughly with a mixture of water and household cleaners like Simple Green. After you have cleaned the air filter, make sure that it is completely dry before applying a coat of high quality air filter oil.

Change the Oil Regularly

The motor oil in your dirt bike will need to be changed often if you use it to the extreme and often ride in the mud and dirt. Always follow the recommendations set forth by your bike’s manufacturer and change the oil often to ensure your dirt bike will run great for years.

By simply following a few easy maintenance steps, you can keep your dirt bike running in the best condition, and you can keep it looking its best, too. So go ahead and ride it to your heart’s content, but just be sure to take good care of it when you are done having fun.

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