Create a Dedicated Space for your Motorcycle in the Garage

Motorcycles are a prized possession for most bikers. The downfall of owning a motorcycle is where to store it when it is not spending time on the road. A good portion of bikes live their lives outdoors, exposed to the elements. This damages the paint, chrome and can have a negative effect on the tires too. Exposure to the elements of nature can also cause damage to the motor. Selecting a spot in the garage to store your motorcycle is ideal. They do not take up that much space.
Selecting a Floor Material
A lot of motorcycle owners fail to realize that the changing temperatures of slab flooring, concrete and other garage floor materials can have a negative effect on the tires. As the motorcycle sits and waits for the right weather, it should be sitting on padded flooring. Motorcycle flooring helps create a barrier between the tire and the floor. This also helps prevent the tires from being exposed to drastic temperature changes, which can impact and decrease tire pressure over time.
Use a Motorcycle Cover
Keep your motorcycle under a cover when it is stored in the garage. Dust particles can clog open engine compartments. This can lead to malfunctions and some engine components becoming damaged beyond repair. The cover also prevents wildlife from leaving droppings on the motorcycle, which can leak into engine components as well.
Picking the Right Spot in the Garage
A motorcycle does not take up much space in the garage. It is ideal to select a space that is close to a window but still out of the way of other vehicles and work spaces. The reason for the motorcycle to be near a window is so that the bike can be started when it is not spending time on the road and the window can be opened for ideal ventilation.

The space should also be free of extreme drafts and potential leaks. If the engine gets too cold in the winter, delicate parts can actually crack. Leaking garage roofs can lead to damaged engine components, damaged seats and can affect the paint as well.

Treat your motorcycle like it is a member of the royal family and keep it in the garage when you are not riding it. This will help keep the bike in pristine condition and turning heads as you take to the open road. If the motorcycle would ever have to be sold, potential buyers are likely to be more apt to purchase a bike that has been well cared for.

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