Snow Toys And Equipment That You Must Have At Work This Winter

If you spend any time at all in the snow or weather during the winter, there are some must-have items and equipment that make wise business investments. Whether you are a landscaper or a contractor, a mechanic or a mason, these vehicles will aid you in getting materials to job-sites, as well as gaining access to some tough or tricky terrain during inclement seasons.
Some must-have toys and tools this winter include the following:


All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
All terrain vehicles are a great option to consider when you want to get through rugged terrain. These work in all seasons, and likely there are other times and situations that make them an efficient and effective way to access a piece of property.
Four-Wheel Drives
If you want to drive in winter, you may want to consider a four-wheel drive vehicle. There are some great front-wheel and all-wheel options, but the four-wheel drives tend to be the most reliable for heavy loads or hauling.
Shoveling snow is back-breaking work, and it can be very time consuming. A better option is to invest in a quality snow-blower to make easy work of removing snow from your site or property. These are particularly integral for those that need to constantly clear their job-site, parking lot, or company property during snowy seasons.
Snowmobiles are often referred to as sleds, and these are another great item that will get you where you want to go in the winter. These can be used to haul materials, transport workers, and basically to have a great time during the worst weather conditions.
A plow is a must-have item for anyone living in a wintry climate, and if you make your living from working outside, it is a very practical business expense. Visiting a dealer or viewing online options will result in a wide range of equipment available for sale, including plows for trucks, plows for UTVs, and even plows for your snowmobile!
If you live in a region that is prone to tough weather during the winter months, yet your job depends on getting out and about, you really can’t go wrong with an investment in these items. These make excellent resources for your team or business when working outside or when getting to the job-site is critical. Look for good deals from reputable dealers, but be sure to compare costs from online retailers to determine the best options for your company.

5 Ways to Move Cars Quickly

There is nothing worse for an auto dealer than having inventory sitting on your lot for long periods of time. Not only are you paying interest to the banks you have the risk of mechanical and body issues the longer it sits. Rust can start to develop, brakes can start to seize and rust in holders, along with many other things you do not want to worry about. The best thing for a car dealer is to move their inventory quickly and keep turning it over month by month. Today’s topic is going to be discussing things you can do to help sell your vehicles faster and keep them from developing problems by sitting on the lot.


There is so much to be said for doing the proper advertising for your products. This can be true for any form of business but especially for car dealers. If you really want to move a particular vehicle the best thing to do is to get the information out to the public. One trick, while a bit greasy, is to advertise your vehicle at a sale price for a limited time. If you tell consumers that they can get a particular car for a lower price than normal if they buy it during a certain time period it will pique their interest. The ability to buy a high end item like a car at a large discount is very appealing to consumers and it will normally give them the motivation they need to make a decision, or at least come in and look at it, rather than sit back and do more research. It is amazing what one simple word can do to help your business, discount.

Invest Money Into Repairs

This is only meant for those of you selling used vehicles, which is a large percentage of auto sales. There is nothing worse you can do than to have a vehicle sit on your lot with known mechanical issues but not spending the money to fix them properly. In today’s market buyers come well informed and very wary of used cars and will try to pick apart every little thing that is wrong with the vehicle. If you car requires a new Weg geared motor for the power windows, it is better to do it yourself than have a customer see another repair they need to be responsible for.

Fix your vehicles properly and they will not have an opportunity to point out things that need to be fixed and therefore lower their interest in purchasing the vehicle. You need to have you inventory in top shape and they will ultimately sell themselves because there is nothing that needs to be done by the customer after the sale is completed. This will also help your reputation in the long run as consumers will know that your used vehicles are of the highest quality.

Proper Lot Placement

This should be common sense but a lot of sales managers do not seem to know this practice. If you want to sell a vehicle it is not going to get noticed if it is sitting on the back of the lot next to all the junkers. The vehicles you want to move quickly need to be front and centre, preferably they are viewable from the roadside if possible. You are dooming a vehicle to lot rot if it sits in back and is not being viewed by potential buyers.

Offer Incentives

People love to get free stuff so offer some sort of incentive with the purchase of a particular vehicle. If you have a mechanic facility on site it is easy and inexpensive to offer the customer maintenance coupons with the purchase of a used vehicle. Your cost to give out a few oil changes or tire rotations is minimal when it comes to how much money you could potentially lose when a vehicle sits on the lot for a year. This will also have customers coming back to your dealership for service which can lead to future profits in other areas.

Be Honest

Car dealers have a bad reputation world wide for being dishonest and cheating people out of money. Change the customer’s impression of car salesman by being truthful with every question they ask. Even if it is something that is not in your favour, it is better to develop a reputation for being an honest salesman than having people coming for blood because you lied to them about mechanical issues on a car. Customers appreciate and trust a salesman who is up front about things and it is proven they will come back to do business with a salesman or dealer they find trustworthy.

 There we have it, five simple tips on how to move inventory from your lot. These tips may not have you selling every car you get within two weeks, as that isn’t feasible for even the busiest of dealers. You will also start building a better reputation in the community and get more repeat business for the company. This is not rocket science, it is selling cars, and you can increase your profits and turnover time if these five simple rules are followed on a daily basis.