3 Key Elements of Performance Vehicle Restoration

Dozens of steps go into a full auto restoration. Most restoration technicians create a time line with specific steps being listed to stay on schedule for delivery of the finished vehicle. Three key elements exist in this equation, which help mold the timeline of the project. Neglecting any step listed can lead to work needing to be redone and engine troubles.
Start with a Solid Base Vehicle
It is vital that you start with a solid base vehicle. This is mostly because the frame and body of the vehicle take the most time to restore. At the start of a muscle car restoration project, the technicians working on the vehicle will inspect every inch of the body and frame for rust, damage and corrosion. Any areas of the vehicle that are not usable would have to be replaced, and can increase the overall cost of the restoration.
Create a Design Plan
Knowing what you want your muscle car to look like on the exterior is important. Depending on the color scheme and customizations chosen, the painting process can take up to one week. Customized airbrushing takes hours to perfect, not including the time it takes to apply clear coat over it.
Always be specific when describing how you want the car to look. Point and touch areas on the car that you want to have a specific customized design or color. This helps the technicians to deliver you exactly what you ask for.

Be Specific with Preferred Performance Upgrades
Most restoration experts have a general idea of what a muscle car needs to perform better. There are times, however, where clients have specific requests. As you are speaking with the technicians about the project, it is important to include specific performance enhancements or upgrades that you wish to have featured in the vehicle. This can be items such as a bigger motor, better fuel economy, air conditioning or even an automatic transmission.

Restoring muscle cars that have been neglected, beat up or otherwise poorly taken care of is a journey. It takes dozens of man hours to complete a full restoration. The end result is something of beauty. What was once a faded, broken down vehicle becomes a show-room quality vehicle that turns heads as you burn down roadways. As far as the budget is concerned, every project is different so it is best to discuss the budget with the shop working on the vehicle to ensure that your dream matches your budget.

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